LiveBloggin’ At FitBloggin’

Woohoo!  So I’m a real, live, LiveBlogger here at Fitbloggin’!  I just pressed publish on my LiveBlog and it is all live and readable on the real, live FitBloggin’ website.

Workout with Cathe Friedrich by ME!

In addition to my livebloggin’ duties today I did my first ever Cross Fit workout, partnering with someone I’d never met but have now bonded so much with that we each commemorated the moment with sweaty pictures of ourselves together.  Heather, we rock!  I wore my fancy new Reeboks that I got in my swag bag yesterday.  Comfy!

I started doing my official LiveBlog duties for the Cathe Friedrich workout session and actually got a little bummed that I wasn’t getting in the awesome workout.  So I started alternating between taking pictures like a crazy person and doing the workout.  Hoping I burned a few calories.

The rest of the time here is mine to do with what I want….my official duties are over.  Time to go find something to eat and figure out what else to do next!


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