Wednesday Weigh In

Down .4.

I know that should be good.  It’s a loss, that’s what everyone always says.  Better than a gain.  But I really did feel like I was doing more this week to be really conscious.   Much more aware and focused on not overindulging and being careful.

Exercise wasn’t as strong this week; I ended up not exercising both weekend days.  But when I did exercise, I had great runs and felt like I’m slowly gaining ground back to where I was.

I think that’s the problem.  I’m still .4 ABOVE where I was a month ago when I started my Wednesday Weigh Ins.  I hate the feeling of just backtracking.  But the only other option is going the other direction, and that’s not happening.  So it’s done, moving (mostly) forward, onto next week.

Last week I vowed to make one small change, and I succeeded.  No bread with dinner.  Well, I consider success not having it six out of seven days, and on the seventh day having a very small piece of a healthier, whole grain bread.

This week, I clearly need to add something else to the mix.  And I’m going to double down and go for broke.  I’m going to tackle the booze.

I know I drink too much for someone trying to lose weight.  It’s two drinks a night most every night.  Sometimes more on the weekends.  Usually wine or vodka/gin with diet tonic.  Nothing too caloric, but still.  Two of those at 125 or so a pop every day:  that adds up.

But I don’t want to set myself up for failure, either.  So my goal this week is only one drink per night during the week.  That might sound nuts to some people but for me, it’s a goal.  As I head off to FitBloggin this weekend, I hope that I can get even more motivation and commitment to keep going forward.

This week’s stats:

Current Week:  -.4 lbs
Total Loss Since Starting Wed. Weigh Ins:  +.4
Total Left to Lose:  21 lbs
BMI:  29.5


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