Just Enough

Something I have been really trying to make myself aware of this week is the concept of eating “just enough”, or being satisfied but not stuffed.  I remember this trick well from my Weight Watchers days, but haven’t really been even thinking about it in the ways I’ve been approaching eating.  In fact, it’s been just the opposite.  I love that feeling of being full, not bursting but truly “full”, and so I would make myself something I considered healthy and gorge on it.  Until I got that full feeling.

But I’m realizing that just isn’t working for me.  Eat too much of even healthy food and it will add up.  And if I’m always chasing that full feeling, when healthy choices aren’t available I’m going to overindulge.

So I’ve been practicing eating just enough the last several days.  I’m marveling at how much smaller a portion you eat when you go with that level.

We’ll see what a difference it makes this week, but I’m hoping it helps me get my head back where it needs to be to start losing again.


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