Conscious Choices

One of the things that worked well for me last time I tried to lose weight was trying to figure out ways to create filling food from lower calorie ingredients.  And since I love to cook, this would seem like a no brainer, right?  Except a lot of times I just don’t have the time, or I am worried about the rest of the family enjoying the food.

Yesterday was a busy day with kids activities and such, so I decided I would make pizza.  Six months ago I would have called for one.  But last week my daughter challenged me to make my own dough.  I used to do this all of the time, but had gotten away from it.

Sure enough, it’s super easy to do with a bread machine.  I still have mine, and hauled it out last week to try it.  Last week’s dough was a disaster, because I forgot the rules of yeast and order of ingredients.  But this time I found a great, step by step recipe and process for bread machine pizza dough at SkinnyMomKitchen.  (Hadn’t seen this site before I found the dough recipe there yesterday but I will be back!).

It worked beautifully.  I subsituted one cup whole wheat flour for the regular flour to try and make it healthier, and used the bread flour I’d bought last week for the recipe I tried then.  The result was a perfect dough that rolled out easily, not too sticky.  I made four smaller, personal sized pizzas for me and the family.

This was key.  Everyone likes something different, and I knew the kids wouldn’t be interested in what I had in mind.  So turkey pepperoni on my son’s, olives on my daughters, and a plain cheese for my husband.  Me?

I made mine with roasted butternut squash (instead of tomato sauce), leftover cooked corn kernels, fresh basil from the yard and grape tomatoes.  I sprinkled the tiniest bit of cheese on it just for flavor.

Oh my goodness.  It was insanely good.  And without meat or too much cheese, and with the whole wheat crust?  I’m guessing the whole thing came in between 300 and 400 calories.

Last night’s success inspired me this morning to invest the five extra minutes to make an omelet with fresh kale, more of the leftover corn and tomatoes, onions and parsley.  No cheese.  No bread.  Fresh fruit on the side.

It too was delicious.  And I am now remembering some of that awesome feeling that comes from fresh, healthy food that not only is good for you but tastes amazing.


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