Wednesday Weigh In

Very frustrated.  I’d say with the scale, but it’s with myself, really.

I’m up .8 this week.  For those of you keeping score, that means I’ve stayed within the same 2 lb range for the last month.  Up one week, down the next.

I had a great week exercise wise.  Kept training for my 5K and ran it on Sunday.  It wasn’t my best time, but the flat course meant that I could RUN the whole thing, with no walk breaks.  This is only the second time I’ve ever done that.  It felt good.  I felt accomplished.

Then, we started celebrating my birthday.  Ugh.  Lots of drinking and eating over two full days.  And the scale shows it.

It’s clear I’m at a plateau.  I just haven’t committed to doing the hard things to push through it.  I need to make some sort of small change this week that I know I can stick to.  I am doing well at exercise, that’s routine.  I think I will say no bread this week.  This sounds small, but we are a family that sits down for meals all of the time and there is usually a loaf of bread on the table, good italian bread.  When I lost on WW, I got in the habit of skipping it; it wasn’t worth the points.  That was one small change, but it helped.

No bread.  I can do that one, small thing this week.


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