Wednesday Weigh In

So I lost the 1.4 I gained last week, putting me right back to where I started when I started weighing in 3 weeks ago.  I guess that’s better than being higher, which is honestly what I expected.  It wasn’t a great week of being conscious of what was going in my mouth, what with the holiday and all.  And while I got back to where the running felt good, I still am working in Week 7 of the Couch 2 5K apps on my phone.

I have a 5K on Sunday, which is probably going to be my slowest yet.  I have two runs scheduled between now and then, one in about half an hour, which will be a treadmill run and then one on Friday morning.  I plan on 3 miles today, however long it takes.  I still haven’t run three miles since before my vacation a month ago, so it’s going to be a slow slog.  But I’m going to do it.

I have been good about logging, and so that’s a positive for this week too, even if the logs are brutally honest and embarrassing to look at (did I need four margaritas last Sunday?  Um, no….).

Here’s to (mostly) moving forward and trying to get under the 150 mark for next week.


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Somewhere on the journey to a better life, depending on the day...moving (mostly) forward.

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