It’s not been a great week for me fitness wise.  My dad visited last week and for some reason it was just super hard to get up early and do what I needed to do before the kids’ days began. Maybe it was because my dad is an early bird and he was already awake each time I would think about getting up to go to run or walk; I guess maybe I thought I should be sitting with him or talking or making him coffee or what have you.

I logged exactly ONE run/walk last week.  And it didn’t feel great; I gave up about 1.7 miles into the run and switched to a run/walk.  I still pulled about 3.5 miles but it just didn’t feel good.  Like I was wimping out at the same time as not feeling like I could handle it.

Yesterday I got up early and decided to give myself a pass.  I knew I couldn’t talk myself into a run, so I talked myself into a long walk.  I was up at six and logged over four miles, but I walked it.  But it felt GOOD.   It felt really good.

So today when I was awake at 5:15, I told myself it was stupid to try to go back asleep.  I might as well just get up because I knew I wanted to get out there and try a run.  But my head is messing with me; I felt like I couldn’t hack it.

I decided, finally, that I would do a Week 1 run from Bridge to 10K.  This allowed me to think about the few walk breaks that were every ten minutes.  And so I went out this morning with that in my head.  I could walk for a minute, every ten minutes.

It was GREAT.  No mentally talking myself out of a good run.  I did have to walk twice when the app didn’t tell me to, but not for long.   I pushed through the last interval without a break.  All told about 42.5 minutes of running (which means just simply not walking at some points…but I take the victories when I can get them, even when they come in the form of Super Slow Jogging).
There was the warm up, the few walking intervals and a cooldown (I was able to jog about three minutes of that) so all told, about 53 minutes of activity and 4.05 miles.

It felt so great to hear “Workout Completed”.  I haven’t felt that sense of accomplishment about a run in ages.  I think I’m going to use my B210K app for a bit for runs.  There’s something about needing to get to that time deadline that makes me force myself to adjust my pace and get through it that I don’t get when I am just logging miles; I am more willing to give up and walk it.

Today feels good.


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