Small Victories

Wine and cookies are the devil. I am so going to hell.


So, we all have our triggers.  For me, it’s my evening drink.  I love a glass of wine at night, with dinner.  Or before dinner.  Or after dinner.  Maybe both.  Or is that all three?

It’s worse when my husband is working late and not around.  The first one tastes so good that I want a second.  And then that warm feeling kicks in and feels so good that maybe a third would be even better.

When I have that second, or sometimes third drink, then I get the munchies.  Especially if I am on my sofa watching TV.  Which is pretty much every night unless I have some major work that needs to be done.  Wine and cookies, they just go together.

Except that they are no good for me.  Well, the wine isn’t terrible.  If it’s just one.  But the cookies are terrible for me.  And the wine often brings the cookies.

I know what you’re thinking:  just get the cookies out of the house (were you thinking get the booze out of the house?  I’m sorry, we’ll never be friends, then).  I never, ever buy the cookies.  But every so often my husband goes shopping, and he buys the cookies.  The kids looooove cookies, so why shouldn’t they have cookies?

Well, they can’t have them if I’m busy eating them at night after they go to bed and I’m boozing it up on the couch, I suppose.

My point here is that they are a trigger.  The wine and then the munchies.  And my point here is last night, I didn’t pull the trigger.  I sat with my glass of wine, and finished it, and got up as is my habit to get a second.

Except, I didn’t.  I stopped myself.  Because I knew I’d have that drink and then maybe want a third.  And then I’d want the cookies.  And with the two drinks in my system I’d be less able to exercise my will power and resist them.  So I talked myself out of it.

Which felt pretty good.

And then, without two (or three) drinks (and cookies) in my system this morning, I was able to run for 26 minutes straight.

Which felt even better.


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