The Struggle

So…it’s been five days since I did any sort of exercise, and five days before that before I had done any as well.

Which makes me feel alternately guilty and ready to throw in the towel.  I actually debated with myself, laying in bed there this morning, all of the lovely reasons why I could just not bother.  Not go out.

  • It’ll be hard to run after basically two weeks of not running.
  • It’ll be too hot out.
  • It’s buggy and muggy.
  • Your feet hurt.
  • You had too much to drink in the last few days.

But, for some reason, the rational side of my brain won, and I hauled my butt out of bed at 5:35 am and got up.  I told myself that I could run for as long as I wanted.  If I wanted to stop after a mile, I could.  It got me going.  It pushed me out the door.

Which is good.  I’m glad I got out there.  I ran for about 15 minutes in the muggy 65 degree hazy weather before I said enough and gave myself permission to walk.

I know that’s a problem for me lately.  I should start up again with my 5K app which would coach me when to run and walk; when I just give myself permission, I inevitably lose motivation sooner.  Still, I ended up walking for 33 more minutes, which gave me a total of 48 minutes of activity, all before 6:30am.  My RunKeeper GPS messed up (I hate that!) but I know my route, and I went about 3.2 miles altogether in 48 minutes.

It was enough, at least, to make me want to go out again tomorrow.  And that, right now in the heat of the summer and the craziness of kids out of school and my work at home jobs, is going to have to be enough.

For now.


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