Starting Somewhere

So I have been running several times a week since completing the Couch to 5K program in November.  At that time 3 miles was still a big deal for me to do at one time, either running, walking or any combination thereof.

But not long after that I pushed myself into the Bridge to 10K program, and I was running 4 and 5 miles during my training runs.  These were pretty slow runs, mind you, but I wouldn’t stop until I heard that voice in my ear telling me I could.  I was pretty careful about the whole thing until finishing the program last winter.

Somewhere along the way, though, I feel like I stalled.

These days I can’t get through a 3 mile run without a few walk breaks.  I am not sure if it is the warmer weather, or the four or so pounds I’ve gained, but I haven’t improved any on speed or endurance at all since doing Bridge to 10K.  I’m still pretty much stuck around a 12 minute mile for my race pace.  While I’ve pushed myself to go faster lately, it inevitably ends up with me needing more walk breaks.

I thought by building endurance for the longer runs the speed would naturally improve; it did with Couch to 5K.   It was simple; the more runs I completed, the less walking I would do.  But now it’s not so simple.  I am still doing the same 3 to 5 mile runs and they still feel hard at the same hills and they still feel that slightest bit easier when I get to the downhill.  All the same.  Exactly the same, for months now.

It is frustrating to me.

I read in a Runner’s Magazine (at the dentist office, of course….I hardly consider myself a runner at this stage) that weight definitely slows you down.  That thoroughbred horses can see a difference in run times with only a 3 pound weight gain.  And these are thousand pound animals.

I am guessing the extra twenty pounds I am carrying is why I can’t seem to get any faster.  My weight loss stalled right when my speed seems to have stalled.  My body is used to my poky way of running.  And while My Fitness Pal says I mostly stay within the calorie range I should to lose weight, for some reason, it’s just not happening.

Which is very frustrating to me.

I plan on going out in the morning and getting in at least three miles.   Just writing it there will help me not talk myself out of it when the alarm hits at 5:30 tomorrow morning.  Because you have to start somewhere.


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